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1 Telephone support. Often people are very distressed by their own behaviour and by the consequences of becoming separated from a partner (and children). This service  offers "first aid" help about how to manage the immediate circumstances of feeling desperate. Other helping organisations are  listed on page 8. Some people can become intensely suicidal following the split-up from a partner - and often their family as well - suicidal and other very desperate thoughts are quite common. The Samaritans are often a very good source of help at extreme moments. Their national number is, 08457 90 90 90, they also offer an email service jo@samaritans.org  or you can also ring us on our contact number.

2 Face-to-face  meeting. This begins a process of examining just what you need and where it might come from. It might also be the introductory process to undertaking our work.
A face to face meeting takes place in your own home or somewhere very close to where you live. It costs us at least £30 to deliver: this now comes at a cost to you.

3  Intensive courses.  These are for people who need to understand the impact of their behaviour on their partner, find  out what is wrong with themselves and  learn to change their behaviour. A place on a course costs us at least £480, and again since May 2016 this has become a cost rather than on  a "make a donation" basis, which was the way we ran for the first 20 years. An initial meeting payment plus £240 must be paid before the offer of a place can be confirmed. The balance may be paid over a much longer period of time but the mechanism for this payment must be set up before thee second half of the course.  Reports for Social Services will only be produced when funded by Social Services. Their cost is £380. Reports for Family courts will now be provided, since September 2016. Their cost will be in the price range £75 to £175 depending upon the complexity required required by the court and the amount of reading of related paperwork.
There are concessions for those people on benefits or on low incomes.

Referrals are taken from Solicitors, GP Surgeries, Social Services, Mental Health Teams, other voluntary organisations and of course self referrals.

Clients range from "mild" to "severe" but are rarely "very severe". Their behaviour will vary from case to case including  being violent and or aggressive and or abusive. Clients may of course be male or female  in any orientation of a couple relationship or indeed be dealing with issues of concern from a previous couple relationship.

Reports from the course have been accepted in County, Magistrates and the combined Family Courts in Northampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Luton, Bedford, Bromley, Nottingham, Northampton, Cambridge, Worcester, Warley, Wolverhampton, Exeter, Milton Keynes, Peterborough, Gloucester, Watford County Court, Hertford FPC, Croydon County Court,  and others.

More than 120 cases have been commissioned by social services teams including more that 12 cases involving females, albeit none in the last 5 years.  All female abusers are, in our experience, being forwarded to the Freedom Programme. 

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