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What are the outcomes from the reports we write?
Of 29 reports recently written; 18 have been successful thus far - 1 involved the placement of the child with the father when Social Services planned to take the child into care.
8 are pending 3 have been not granted - 2 involved Social Services taking children into care. There have been many children who hve been "granted" access to their parent - most usually a father with no report, just the certificate.

A clinical psychologist's referral report.

Notice how the client's history is personalised and how a detailed and precise description of what needs to be undertaken with him to enable him to gain some insight into and mastery of his situation.

What the psychologists reported about one client -linked here

What another client said about us and about DVIP, a London based RESPECT accredited programme, the RESPECT flagship

A child protection social worker who had sent us several clients eventually sent us her father. Two years later her comments were: "Thank you very much, you gave me back the father I never had."

A client's thanks following what was for him a very constructive first meeting

Hi David,

Writing to you to thank you with hand on heart.
Yesterday I met my children after nearly 2 weeks and I thanked you in my heart. Let me explain why-

The nursery is the only place of contact for me to see my children.
In our last meeting I had explained you how I am struggling to see my children and how much they miss me. I explained to you that I feel very uncomfortable and uneasy in that small closed room of nursery where I see my children; they see me, get very excited and then seeing new items in that room they get busy playing with them. I was only happy seeing them playing. You then gave me some tips how to cope, how to use that time best so that we three can enjoy fullest possible.

Yesterday before driving in to the nursery or after coming out, first time I didn't cry. Before going in I remembered you and your words. I bought gifts for them. Didn't drive hastily. When I went in I just became a small boy to play with them as I used to be before. I gave them gifts (swimming goggles, pool back float for example), tried them on kids, this helped me interacting with them for 1o min at least. After that I did some fun game to feed them snacks. After that we played tickling, inc-winci spider and my other forgotten games and gestures. We laughed and laughed and laughed a lot, I was on the floor, all over the place etc.

This might not mean to you anything. But yesterday I laughed naturally after so many months. I converted that time in that small room from a phase of self low (because I miss my family) to an energetic and positive full of life moment. This all happened because of you. You told me, so what you have small time or less opportunity, you should use it to max benefit. So I did.
Hence I thank you.


In 2017 we completed 36 hours of work with 46 people of the 117 that contacted us.
In 2016 we completed 36 hours of work with 55 people of 132 who contacted us.

At the end of the first weekend an electricians  wife said: "What on earth have you done to him?  I cannot believe the changes you have brought about in him?"
I explained: we didn't bring about the changes, he was able to bring them about himself, with some guidance!
A mature middle-aged female social worker who had send us several / many referrals eventually send us her father.  2/3 years later she said: "Thank you for giving me back the father I never had."
A teacher referred an 18 year old young man in her school.  2/3 years later whilst referring another individual she said that she still had contact with the former pupil who had told her our work had been the most important thing he had ever done.

To undertake a meaningful academic study about the effectiveness of the work would cost at least £18000, money which we have never had available. But anecdotally we believe we have been very successful.

In 2002 a man we'll call Dave took part. Three years before that he had been assessed by a Social Services sponsored psychologist as having a severe personality disorder. Two years after undertaking our work the same psychologist declared that opinion to be outdated, and moreover he was astounded at the progress this young man had made. Dave's testimonial is printed below. He tells it right. It was not because of TEMPER, he made the changes himself. Without TEMPER he would  not have managed any changes. We would add that after the 36 hours he had minimum support.