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"Accredited" programmes are accredited by the Charity RESPECT. Three typical programmes are:  DVIP based in London, Splitz based in Dorset and My Time based in Birmingham.

They are required by RESPECT to work to a pro-feminist agenda, with heterosexual men only and based on feminist ideology of " Power and control" - this means the power and control that all men have and exercise over all women.

Costs for this work may vary but fairly typically they will want you to undertake a risk assessment - preferably by one on their approved risk assessors, - costs for this range between £1,300 and £4,250.  The programme itself will then wish to undertake an initial assessment meeting costing between £200 and £300 and thereafter, if you jump these hurdles you may be admitted to a rolling programme of about 26 plus sessions at a cost £60 per session.

Their main modus operandi is to confront you with your behaviours, your denials, minisations or the blaming of your partner. 

All of the unbiased evidence says that the interventions are ineffective.