What we do with and for our clients

Following an initial meeting to go through an application form, usually face-to-face and lasting about 1 hour  individuals are invited to join a group.

We only work in intensive, closed groups at weekends, 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on a Saturday and Sunday with the second half of the work – with the same group of people, being 3/4 or 5 weekends later.

Much of what is learnt in the first weekend can be practised in the 3/4/5 weeks between the two halves and the work can then be deepened and personalised to the individual’s specific situation and circumstances in the second half.

The intensity of the work makes it memorable. The closed group means that everybody gets to know everybody else quite well, so that people find support amongst one another and also learn from one another.

The intensity of the work is heightened by one of the main methods of working which is simultaneously developing 3 skills.