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Date: May (XX)  2020

RE: Seeking your support for Mr Philip Davies’ amendments to the Domestic Violence Bill

Dear Mr / Ms  (Your MP’s Name),

I am writing to you as my constituency MP.

I hope that you and your family are keeping well and safe during these challenging times.

I am writing to you with regards to the Domestic Abuse Bill that is currently making its way through parliament. In particular I’m writing regarding the amendments  Mr Philip Davies MP, has tabled which I fully support given that I’ve personally etc(  been at the receiving end/ got family members who are involved/ have lost contact with my child, grandchild.)

These amendments should ensure that the bill is completely non-gender specific, in that it supports male and female victims – while there has been much talk regarding domestic abuse against women, it must be noted that more than one-third of incidents involve male victims!. The amendments proposed include:

1) Clarifying the definition of economic abuse – the wording needs clarifying in order to provide for valid caveats  

2) Extending the definition of domestic abuse to include parental alienation. This is where one parent deliberately alienates the other parent from the child, causing significant damage to the child, who has the right of a healthy relationship with both parents, as well as the alienated parent.

3) Ensuring that false allegations of domestic abuse can be classified as domestic abuse. Some parents lives and reputations can be destroyed by malicious allegations, so by classing this as domestic abuse, it is hoped that this would reduce the instances of this occurring.

4) Extending the definition of domestic abuse to include where one parent deliberately denies the other parent contact with their children without good reason.

I strongly urge you to support these amendments in the interests of innocent children.and as a way of making the bill fair to all victims of such abuse as befits a democratic country with a world reputation for good justice and to provide protection to all victims of all forms of domestic abuse, regardless of gender.

Many thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing your positive response.

Best regards


Dear <<MP name>>

My name is << insert name here>> and I’m writing to you today as my MP about the Domestic Violence Bill and the amendments which Mr Philip Davies is seeking to bring to that bill. As someone who has become involved in / The Family Courts /  Divorce / Separation with children involved  this issue is extremely important to me because <<reasons/your experiences>>.

I would very much like you  to support Mr Davies’ important amendments and look forward to hearing your position on this and reading .of the further progress of this bill which I see as very important for the safety of children and families.

Yours sincerely,

Mr X

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Dear {MP NAME},  

My names is {YOUR NAME} and I am a constituent in your constituency of (CONSTITUENCY}. I am writing to you today because I am concerned about the current content of the Domestic Violence Bill. This is something that’s particularly important to me as {EXPLAIN KEY REASONS AND ANY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES THAT HAVE INFORMED THIS}.  

I am asking you to take the following steps to address my concerns:  

  • Support Mr Philip Davies’ 5 amendments

In your response I would like you to outline whether or not you are able to support these amendments on my behalf and if not what reasons you would have for this. If you are not able to address this personally, I would request that you forward my letter / email to the relevant Minister or department.  

I look forward to hearing from you and trust you will be able to support Mr Davies either directly or indirectly.  

Yours sincerely,  


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Dear {YOUR MP}

{YOUR postcode}

I am writing to you as a victim {briefly outline you own story}

I would like to bring it your attention with regards to ……

Kind Regards,