Safety – misplaced!

RESPECT – is the charity which is the “accreditor” of such programmes based in the community. The CEO is Ms Jo Todd, the accreditation officer is Mr Neil Blacklock. They place a great deal of emphasis on safety. It is recognised that the non-completion of a perpetrator programme increases risk to a partner or former partner. DVIP is RESPECT’s flagship. In 1998 the completion rate was 47%. In 2006, with a new programme running the completion rate was “sometimes as many as a quarter of the men make it through”. In 2008, a year before Respect’s “accreditation” of 230 initial referrals 36 men completed the DVIP programme. In front of a Home Office select committee the CEO claimed a 70% success rate – that would have been just 22 men.

The other strand of safety is “must have a female victim supporting” strand. That edict appeared despite the fact that 2002 Gondalf recognised that only 8% of female victims maintained contact with such an organisation and therefore it did not contribute to the safety of women.