Andy 1 attended with a described but undiagnosed “severe personality disorder.” This is what the examining clinical psychologist wrote. 2002.

Andy 2 attended DVIP and Temper. This is what he wrote in 2007.

Andy 3’s Doctor  forensic psychology  had the following to say about his needs to attend.

Dr A  wrote

Dear David,

You came across as genuinely compassionate and caring from the first contact with you on email.  I must admit that i was sceptical, however, after the first weekend I knew that you were one of the special people God chooses to help people. Thank you for your insights, your care, love, your energy and for giving your time to me. I hope that some day, one day I am as good at my job as you are at your vocation.

May God bless you with good health & happiness.

With love & respect,

Dr A.

Others wrote in this linked document