For those seeking help to address / change their abusive  and or violent behaviours

As a registered charity with a 23 year track record we offer intensive, 36 hours of therapeutically informed  group-work at weekends to help people to address and change their concerning behaviours.

Temper Domestic Violence is a DAPP “equivalent”. It is not accredited by “Respect”.  We do not like the word equivalent, we consider ourselves very much better and at least 3 times more effective!  Work with female abusers, which we also offer, is no less important than work with male abusers. The volumes may be different but that is about all. The work required by people is skills in “Emotional Regulation” – which  includes “anger management”.  You can read a bit about emotional regulation here. The vast majority of the relationships involved in these cases are  about “situational couple violence”. They are not about “Power and Control”.   You can read the Guru’s recognition, the late Ellen Pence, about that right here.

A domestic violence perpetrator programme (DVPP) is for the convicted and a domestic violence abuser programme (DAPP) for those who have not been convicted.

Temper is a DVPP “equivalent” for those convicted of offences and a DAPP for those not convicted of an offence.

However you dress up the statistics Children, girls and boys, are the primary victims of domestic violence: they are the reason for child protection, for Cafcass and much of the work of the Family Courts.

Nearly everybody will quote you the statistic: “2 women per week are killed, on average, by a partner or former partner.” Virtually nobody will quote you (or even know!)  that at least 65 boys and girls are killed per year by a parent or parenting figure.  This makes a child in a domestic setting approximately 3 times as likely as a woman to be killed! How is it that we do not know this? Could it be the vested interest of certain politics?

Children are no less damaged by witnessing and experiencing women’s violence than they are by men’s violence. It could be argued that because children are relatively very much more engaged with women than with men, for mainly biological reasons, that work with the violent, aggressive and abusive woman is even more urgently needed than work with the man, who in many cases has very much less contact, particularly with very young children. But of course the woman, as very often a main carer of the children, needs to be as safe as possible, too.

Utterly amazingly in very nearly 30 years virtually no progress has been made  in addressing female violence.  We believe we are the only organisation in the UK that has really made any progress in this direction. More than 100 of our 1100 completions have been by women.

The safety of children needs to be the primary focus in this type of work. That is why Temper Domestic Violence is gender inclusive in its work, enabling both men and women in heterosexual and gay and lesbian relationships the opportunity to take part and bring about changes in themselves which will improve the safety of their children, their partners, current and future and, of course, themselves.

The work undertaken needs to be driven by “psychological processes”  and consequently open to all, rather than having a “patriarchal focus” which obviously excludes women who exhibit violent and abusive behaviours and additionally those  people in same-sex relationships.

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